Do you like spicy food? Get to know some typical spicy dishes from some countries.


Meet the World's Strongest Peppers

Will you run or will you face it?

The blaze is there, in the seemingly defenseless seedlings. The burning substance is called capsaicin - and the intensity of the burning varies according to the amount present in the pepper. To classify these variations, there is even a blazing thermometer, which has a specific measure, the Scoville Heat Unit (SHU). It was the pharmacologist Wilbur L. Scoville who invented it, in 1912.

Carolina Reaper

Anyone who had the courage to try Carolina's evil reaper says it burns so much at first, and that the feeling gets worse with time.


Originating in the Caribbean and the north coast of Mexico, it is one of the strongest peppers known, with a 10 degree spicy. Therefore, this leads to greater care at the time of handling, to avoid irritations in the eyes and fingers. The peppers make any dish even tastier, and specifically the habanero type pepper is able to provide an even better taste. That's because, for those who like to feel the tainted taste, it is perfect! It is great for the combination in typical Mexican dishes.

Naga Jolokla

Bhut Jolokia - also known as Naga Jolokia, Ghost Chili, Ghost Pepper and Naga Morich, is an Indian chilli considered by Guinness World Records to be the third strongest pepper in the world with 1.3 million SHU.

Trinidad Scorpion

The variety "Trinity Moruga Scorpion" has earned the title of the world's strongest pepper. The recognition came after months of research from the Pepper Institute at the State University of New Mexico in the United States.
The beauty of these peppers is that, besides being the hottest in the world, they are the tastiest. "You can make a pepper sauce using only small pieces"

Spicy Flavors

Perfect destinations for those who love to venture without fear for the cooking of other countries.


Spicy sauces, guacamole or spicy burritos: Mexican food is known all over the world for being "hot."

South Korea

Korean cuisine uses a lot of finger pepper and green pepper. Among the highlights are doenjang jjigae, a spicy super spicy soy paste with vegetables and tofu, and kimchi, a cane usually made from Swiss chard in fermented brine.

A bird's eye is the most used pepper in the Asian country. There is also a famous Thai spicy sauce called sriracha. Spicy shrimp soup.


The most emblematic dish on this Caribbean island is the jerk chicken. In it, the galeto marinated in chili pepper sauce (also known as dioica) is slowly roasted on the trunks of the local Pimento tree, which gives the characteristic flavor.

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